We are with PREMISES!

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The Wild Dyery & Natural Crafts Studio coming soon!

No sooner had I said out loud that I wanted to run a centre of excellence for natural fabric dyeing, a studio come shop come workshop space, than I found one, rented it and within a week found myself decorating and moving in!

It's timely really because if I spill dye down our cream painted kitchen cupboards again I'll probably find myself divorced! Things have got so busy lately that there are dye pans all over our garden decking and drain pipes stacked by the dining table. We won't talk about the indigo drops on our wooden work top because I don't think anyone's noticed them yet.

So, perfect that I should walk into Carr Farm Garden Centre to visit Christine at Voirrey Embroidery and happen to notice an empty unit. The Courtyard at Carr Farm is really quaint with lots of little sandstone cottages and outbuildings that are currently being renovated. I had a quick word with the boss, had a minor panic attack and rush of adrenalin then within 24 hours, I had premises!

It's quite a small room but has a lovely covered deck in front with double opening doors which will extend the space a lot in summer. Crucially, there are two sinks, running water and plenty of worktops. That's pretty much all I need to make a start.

I'll be opening within the next two weeks but have scheduled an official 'Grand Opening' for Bank Holiday Monday 30th May. A year to the day since I started The Wild Dyery! It won't be that grand... there won't be any celeb cutting a ribbon but there will be cheap fizzy booze (Lambrini) although I still have 3 bottles of champagne I've been saving for a special occasion and this is it.

I'm really excited to take this step. Excited and a bit daunted! I'm thinking of it as a 6 month summer studio and will review whether or not I like running a studio and whether I've managed to pay the rent at the end of October.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Hope you can join me for a glass of bubbly between 12pm-4pm on the 30th. You can join this event on Facebook too...